A stray dog abandoned in the heat of Daegu.
On the way to the vacation, the owner's family just puts the corner down on the side of the road and leaves.
The mysterious corner chases its owner's car and eventually moves away... He walks endlessly avoiding dangerous roads where cars travel, finds construction sites, and settles in the corner.k. The number of abandoned dogs in the same situation increases one by one, shedding tears every day thinking about their owners. Will I be able to find a new family with a warm heart again?

Tears are always in his eyes because he miss his master.
He always sniffs for traces of his master. He remember training with his owner.
He's wearing a bell necklace that his owner gave him.
He's been wandering the streets for a long time, covered in black dust.
The hair grows and gets dirty and covers the eyes. He talks to fly that He met in the trash can.

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